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As the premium Maxi Cab services for Melbourne we can provide a trusted service that gets you to your destination. We offer the ever-popular maxi cab and taxi service; this is one of the best ways to get a large group of people from one location to another. When you travel as a group it is much cheaper because you all share the costs involved. With exceptional driving skills and a taxi to match, we know that you’ll arrive in style to wherever you are going.

When you’re looking for a Maxi Cab Service in Melbourne look no further than us, our name says it all. We are highly regarded in the industry and many other companies use our service as a template for what they can offer. We truly are the leading brand of maxi cab companies. If you are travelling to the airport, you need to get there within the time limit specified by the airport, or you could be in danger of missing your flight. One of our specialities is getting our clients to the airport on time to meet their flights. We know the route well and travel it many times throughout the day. If you call our customer service centre (0483 027 583) we can make a suggestion for the correct collection time based on your location, peak hour traffic levels, and the departure time of your flight.

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Maxi Cab Service is treating our customers as a priority

At Maxi Cab Service Melbourne, we know that what everyone requires is solely based on their particular needs. We listen to our customers and find ways to make their journey a safe and happy one. We can keep you informed about possible delays (Melbourne can get busy at times!) and the best possible routes to get you home, or to your hotel quickly. If you need a children’s or baby seats then we have those handy, just remember to mention it at the time of booking so we can make sure one is available. We can also support people that need a special car requirement, such as those needing wheelchair transport services.

One of the greatest things about our Maxi Cab Service Melbourne is that we treat our cars like we treat our customers. With the respect they deserve! We keep everything clean and well maintained so you get a comfortable and smooth ride. You’ll feel right at home in the back of one of our many Maxi Cabs. It doesn’t matter if you’re going home after a long trip away, or heading to Melbourne airport for a quick business meeting in Sydney, Canberra, or Brisbane, we’ve got you covered so you arrive relaxed and ready to get things done!

If you’re travelling as a family using Maxi Cab Service Melbourne is the best way to get to the airport. We can fit children’s seats and baby seats, and if you have a large amount of luggage, we can help you get that loaded into the cab. Travelling as a family can sometimes mean that you need to take two separate taxis to the airport, as most of the time they can only transport four (4) passengers at a time. This actually leaves only a little bit of space for your luggage! With our maxi cab you can easily fit up to eleven (11) passengers and still have room for luggage. This is more than enough room for a family, even if you include the grandparents! Why try to squeeze into a regular sedan taxi, when you can arrive at the airport comfortably in a well-maintained maxi cab?

Maxi Cab Service Melbourne – Postal Service

When you have a parcel that absolutely needs to get from one point to another you can call on the best courier service available, and that is Maxi Cab Service for Melbourne! As we are busy driving all over Melbourne on a daily basis you can be sure that calling us to take care of your parcels will mean they arrive on time every time! 

Many couriers operate similar to any regular postal service. They have a pickup route, then everything is taken to a parcel sorting hub, and then your parcels are normally sent out the next day (or perhaps over the next few days). This is fine if your parcels are not that urgent, but if you have something that absolutely needs to get to its destination then hiring Maxi Cab Service can often be your best option. As we are a taxi service, you can hire us to pick up your parcels, and we’ll take them directly to the destination required, just like we would if it were a human passenger! 

For all your parcel delivery needs you can book in through our website or call our customer service team on 0483 027 583 and we’ll get it sorted for you, no problems at all.

Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport Transfers 

We have finest dedicated maxi taxi service to melbourne airport or avalon Airport. Our Parent company Maxi cab melbourne Airport is specializes in these types of service whether you need maxi taxi from melbourne airport or heading to melbourne airport.

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