Travel Easy with Melbourne Maxi Cab Service

Say goodbye to playing human Tetris with 11-seater taxis! Travel Easy with Melbourne Maxi Cab Service.

Imagine this scene. It may not be hard.

You’ve spent all day organising your travel affairs. Your bags are packed, your travel companions are finally rounded up and ready to go. You breathe a sigh of relief as the taxi appears in the distance. It arrives, and the realisation dawns on you: you’re going to have to squeeze yourself and your travel companions into a tiny car that barely fits your legs let alone all your luggage and personal belongings!

Sound familiar?

The worst thing is, the stressful part should have ended with packing your bags.

Whether travelling with family, friends, or just a big group, many travellers moving around
metropolitan Melbourne don’t realise they have a better option than to pretzel into a standard 4-seater taxi: us, Maxi Cab Service!

Maxi Cab Service is Melbourne’s premium 24/7 large taxi service. Our spacious taxi cabs fit
11 people (yes, you read that right!) with all their bags and luggage, so that you can stretch
your legs and ride easy with your travel group.

Travelling with a baby, or young children? That’s no problem; Maxi Cab Service has baby
and infant seat fittings that are 100% compliant with Australian safety regulations.

Need wheelchair accessibility? We’ve got that, too. Maxi Cab Service is great for big groups or families travelling together, or for travellers who want to save money by carpooling. With Maxi Cab Service you don’t have to split up into separate taxis, which can rack up unnecessary costs. It can also be uncomfortable to
separate the group, especially for foreign travellers or families with children who want to stick together.

With Maxi Cab Service you’ll be able to ride with peace of mind knowing all your people and
luggage are in one place right beside you. Best of all, you have the space to stretch your legs
and relax in anticipation of a long day – or long flight!

Maxi Cab Service is affordable and easy to use. Just call or book on our website then, like
magic, one of our trustworthy drivers will be waiting – right on time – at your designated
Melbourne location.

All our drivers are highly-trained professionals who have one main goal: to make your drive
safe, comfortable, easy, and as short as possible! Our taxi drivers know the roads like the
back of their hand, which is useful in a bustling and busy city like Melbourne. With expert
knowledge of back-roads and the best routes, Maxi Cab will ensure you never miss a flight
or appointment and save money along the way.

Our taxis are in always in pristine condition. They’re cleaned after every working day and
routinely maintenanced. There are never any breakdowns on our watch!

With our customers getting the absolute best from every ride across 55 Melbournian
suburbs, it is no wonder we are the industry standard for premium taxi services. Our
competitors keep a close eye on our operations to draw inspiration from the 100% that we give our happy customers.

Want to customise your ride? Don’t hesitate to call us at 0483 027 583 to see how we can
accommodate the specifics of your travel.

The days of watching your stressed-out taxi driver awkwardly play Tetris with luggage and human limbs in the back seat of a 4-seater taxi are over. Maxi Cab Service will ensure you arrive composed, relaxed, unknotted, and in style at the doorstep of your location. Whether you need a lift to and from Melbourne Airport, your hotel, or some other location in
Metropolitan Melbourne, we’ve got you.

There is a reason we are Melbourne’s best Maxi Cab Service for bigger travel groups. Inquire within today for your upcoming trip, and we’ll get you ready to hit the road.