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    Maxi Cab Melbourne has been operating in Melbourne for many years and in that time, we have established ourselves as the maxi cab of choice. Our services are safe and reliable, never again will you be left high and dry by a taxi company or an unprofessional and unpredictable ride sharing service. 

    With Maxi Cab Booking you can book in for up to 11 passengers, and you can find our prices online. We are proud to be the premium choice of maxi cabs services for all of Melbourne. With our fleet of clean and well-maintained vehicles we’ll make your trip a safe, clean and memorable one. We can support corporate clients, and travelling families including people that require baby seats fitted. All our services are available 24/7, so it doesn’t matter if you’re catching a late-night flight in or out of Melbourne, as we can be there for you.

    With our services you are getting a highly trained driver, and this means you won’t be taking your chances with a company that lets almost anyone sit in the driver’s seat. We have the skills and the knowledge for how to get you around Melbourne in a timely and efficient manner. If you need to be somewhere on time, don’t take a chance on just anyone, give us a call at Maxi Cab Services and we’ll get you where you need to go on time and with ease.

    If you’re looking for maxi cab booking because you’re travelling with a group and you’d rather ride together (and not need the hassle of public transport) book in with us. When you need a maxi cab in Melbourne look no further, when booked in we’ll arrive at least five (5) minutes before hand, and that gives you enough time to board properly. We’ll help with any bags and make sure everyone is seated and comfortable before leaving for your destination.

    No-Haggle Pricing

    At Maxi Cab Services all of our taxis operate by meter. However, we also run on a set price, this is perfect if you need to split your fares among all your passengers as you’ll know in advance what the costs will be. If you need to have a set price you can easily calculate one by using our website.

    We have found that people prefer the set pricing as it allows them to plan their trip easier. There can be something quite confronting about flying into a city and then finding out that catching a maxi cab to Melbourne city might actually cost a little more than they realised – especially as many companies will only show you the price after you’re at your destination. By knowing exactly what your costs are you can be better prepared.

    For tourists we have prepared an estimate and fixed fees for trips from Melbourne airport to the city, and from the city to many tourist destinations. This can give you many options for planning your holidays in Melbourne with best Maxi cab Company

    How to Book Maxi Cab Melbourne?

    All of our maxi cabs and taxis can pick you up from any point in Melbourne and drop you off at your desired location. Our Maxi Cab in Melbourne has you covered. We have made booking a maxi cab taxi an easy venture, as you can book directly through our website. If typing your details into a website is not your thing, and we get it as not everyone enjoys talking to the ‘robots of the internet’, you can call us directly on +61 483 027 583.

    To make sure that we have a vehicle ready for you, it is always recommended that you book maxi taxi in early. As we are very popular, booking in early makes sure that we can accommodate your needs and provide a suitable vehicle. 

    Why Maxi Cab Melbourne?

    At Maxi Cab, we are your premium taxi service. We choose our vehicles based on their performance and suitability in providing a comfortable ride. We pride ourselves on the maintenance of our vehicles. All of the Taxi and Maxi vans in our fleet are regularly serviced to make sure they are mechanically sound. This servicing includes an all-around safety check.

    We offer our customers a higher level of customer service. We are consistently early for all of our bookings and assisting our customers with any bags or other needs. If you are going to the airport you can book in with us to get you there and book in for the return trip.

    If you’re holidaying in Melbourne and need to get around, booking in with us means that you can get to know your drivers and you’ll feel more comfortable knowing who you’re driving with and that they’ll be skilful and can deliver you safely to your destination.

    Maxi Cab Melbourne Service promises to:

    • We offer the best Maxi Cab prices in Melbourne
    • All Maxi Cabs are kept clean and well looked after
    • You can easily book a Maxi Cab at any time through our online portal
    • We’ll take you on the most direct routes, or your preferred route (perfect for avoiding tolls)
    • We have an excellent safety rating
    • All our maxi cab service get disinfected after each trip whether going to long and short trip.
    • We offer baby seats and accessibility for wheelchairs
    • Reaches the pickup point 5 minutes before the booked in time
    • Our Maxi Cabs can fit up to 11 passengers
    • Our Taxi Vans Melbourne can be Pre book online. All our vehicles are disinfected before boarding the passengers and our drivers always wear mask during travelling with passengers.
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