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About Maxi Cab Service

If you’re looking for the best Maxi Cab service then we are here to make that happen. All of our cabs are kept in perfect condition, and we’ll give you a comfortable ride, to the airport, your hotel, or any location in Melbourne. We have set up our website so you can book in at any time you like. In fact, provided the plane has WIFI, you can book while you’re flying!

Our Maxi Cabs can seat up to eleven (11) passengers in one go which is perfect if you’re travelling in a group, or you have a large family and a large amount of luggage. Getting around Melbourne with a group of people can be difficult at the best of times. But when you use the best Max Cab service in Melbourne it won’t feel like any trouble at all! 

Melbourne is a city where it is easy to get around, but if you’re not that familiar with the public transport system it can be very confusing, with our expert driver at the helm of our cabs, we can deliver you to the doorstep of your destination no problems.

Are you seeking the best in Maxi Cab Service?

Being the best Maxi Cab service for Melbourne is what we are aiming to achieve, and if our reviews are anything to go by, we are fast reaching that target. With our focus on providing exceptional customer service and keeping our customers happy is how we are achieving our goals. With our fast booking process and the fact that we arrive at the pickup location at least five minutes early means you’re receiving a high level of service from a maxi cab service that cares.

All of the prices we charge are in line with industry standards, and while many trips are metered often, we can provide a service for a predetermined amount. This allows you to better plan your journey and again goes further to showcase our company as the best Maxi Cab service in Melbourne.

The services that we can provide include:

  • Our Maxi Cabs can carry a group of 5 up to 11 passengers
  • We can meet you at any of Melbourne Airports for pickup 
  • Wheelchair Maxi Cab available if required
  • Parcel Deliveries for when something needs to get there fast
  • Melbourne Day tours suitable for tourists or just a day out
  • Cabs with car seats and baby seats suitable for families
  • Transport from the city (or other location) to the airport


Travel in Style with the best at Maxi Cab Service

Our availability for travel and booking is 24/7 and that is just one more way we are maintaining our status as being the best Maxi Cab service. You’ll find us courteous and consistent in our approach to customer service. All of our taxi cabs and max cabs are kept well within their operational standards and are fully cleaned at the end of every shift.

You can book in directly through our website or by calling our customer service team on 0483 027 583. They’ll take you through the booking and make a collection suggestion based on your flight time if you are arriving or departing one of Melbourne’s busy airports.

At Maxi Cab Service we aim to deliver the best maxi cab service possible for all of our customers. We are all about commitment to our community for providing exceptional service. We are happy to support all Melbourne visitors and give them a taste of the Melbourne experience in having some of the best customer service possible.

Safe and Reliable Melbourne Maxi Cabs

All of our Maxi Cabs are kept in pristine condition as we know this is one of the best ways to make sure that our customers are happy. We regularly compare our services to that of our competitors to see if we are still providing the best Maxi Cab service available. 

Our drivers are all fully trained and are kept highly skilled through our rigorous training program. While they know most of the direct ways around Melbourne, if they’re not sure they’ll rely on high tech solutions, such as satellite navigation systems.

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