13Cabs vs Maxi Cab Service – Why You Should Choose Us

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13Cabs vs Maxi Cab Service - Why You Should Choose Us

When travelling to or from Melbourne , knowing which taxi service to choose can be a stressful decision. For many, it can be tempting to go with a well-known service that advertises a lot and has their name plastered everywhere, like 13Cabs. There are, however, some smaller independently run companies, like Maxi Cab Service, that provide an even better service – most people just don’t know about us.

13Cabs vs Maxi Cab Service 

Whilst we have a number of similarities with 13Cabs, there are a number of things that we do differently in order to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for our passengers.

  • Unlike other companies, Maxi Cab Service doesn’t charge any call out fees. We’re also very flexible and understand that sometimes plans change; simply call our team to modify your booking at no extra charge.
  • There’s no need to speak with a call centre – discuss your trip with your driver for the latest information. Our drivers are highly skilled and trained, ensuring that you ride in maximum comfort and arrive at your destination in one piece.
  • Don’t wait in line at the airport for a taxi that’s going to overcharge you; when you book with us, your driver will meet you at an agreed upon collection point. Your driver can even meet you at the arrival gate if you’d prefer (please note that extra charges do apply) – what service!
  • We have a range of payment options to choose from (including card, cash or CabCharge) and allow passengers to either prepay when booking or pay your driver in person. Plus, choose between either a metered price or a set price.
  • As with most taxi companies, we have a team of drivers who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where you need to go or what time you need to get there, our team will make it happen.
  • Unlike other companies, we’ve made baby seats available in all our taxis to ensure your children get from point A to point B safely. Please let us know if you require a baby seat and the age of your children at the time of booking (please note that extra charges may apply).
  • To ensure that you’re ready to go and confirm collection details, our drivers make a courtesy call when they’re within 30 minutes of your collection point. No need to worry about missing your ride.
  • Running a little behind? No need to worry! Maxi Cab Service offers a free 10 minute waiting window before any additional charges apply. Rest assured that, even if you’re running late, our driver will wait for you.
  • In need of a wheelchair accessible taxi? We’ve got you covered! Our drivers are well-versed in loading and unloading wheelchairs, as well as in properly securing them for travel. Did you know that you can also book with us using your Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) card?
  • Want an estimate for your upcoming trip or to compare us with other services? Use the free online taxi fare calculator found on our website! We are committed to offering a premium service at affordable prices.
  • We have an extensive fleet at our fingertips – choose from standard, premium and maxi cabs to suit your passengers and their needs. Travelling as a larger group? Ensure that you can all travel together with our maxi taxi service (they are able to seat up to 11 passengers plus luggage).
  • Please be assured that Maxi Cab Service  holds complete insurance cover and that our taxis meet all government requirements. Our taxis are also thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between passengers.

A Guide to Choosing a Taxi Service

The team at Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport is committed to being the most trusted and reputable company in the area. To ensure that you’ve chosen the very best taxi service, there are a number of things that you should first look for:

  • Licences & Insurance
    One of the first steps you should take is to ensure that the taxi company holds a valid licence for passenger transportation. It is also important that the driver holds a valid licence, which should be displayed on the dashboard or another panel in the taxi; somewhere it’s easily visible. The company and the vehicle should also be covered by insurance, which ensures that the driver and any passengers are protected in the case of an accident or incident.
  • Pricing
    Take a look at the quoted pricing before booking a maxi cab service. You’ll want to compare a few different ones to get an idea of what the average rate is. If they seem to be expensive for common destinations, like Melbourne Airport or the CBD, they may not be the most reputable company. At the same time, you should be wary about choosing a service that offers dirt cheap rates – remember that you get what you pay for, so low rates tend to equal subpar service.
  • Reviews
    We highly recommend taking a look at online reviews for the company you’re thinking about using. It is very easy for a company to present themselves as reputable on their website, but testimonials on third party websites (such as Google Maps and Trip Advisor) do not lie. Maxi Cab Melbourne Airport has received hundreds of excellent reviews with a Google rating of 4.9 stars. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for mainstream companies like 13Cabs.
  • Car Condition & Cleanliness
    Whilst this is hard to judge prior to the taxi arriving, you can get an idea for the condition of the vehicles and their cleanliness from online reviews. Does the maxi cab company website mention anything about hygiene or cleaning? Those who are committed to providing a clean travel environment usually mention this. There is also nothing stopping you from assessing the condition and cleanliness upon the taxi’s arrival and refusing service if you’re unsatisfied.

The next time you’re travelling to or from the airport and you’re looking for a reputable taxi service, we hope that you’ll give Maxi Cab Melbourne a go. We are committed to providing a premium service that far exceeds that offered by well-known companies like 13Cabs – our hundreds of happy customers can confirm this. Give us a call today on 0483027583 or visit our website to make a booking.