Benefits of using a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne

Using a clean and professional taxi service for anyone travelling in a group is one of the main benefits of using a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne. The city of Melbourne is known for being one of the most liveable cities in the world. However, getting around can be challenging at times if you’re not that familiar with the city. In most cities, you can hire a car and drive about without too much trouble; especially if you’re from another state of Australia. But (and this is a big one!) Melbourne has a unique road layout that you don’t see in other cities. There are trams in many parts of Melbourne city. Avoiding these can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with road rules regarding trams.

Saving you from driving in Melbourne City

Melbourne city is home to one of the strangest types of intersections – the dreaded Hook Turn. When you turn right in these intersections, you need to be in the left-hand lane and pull off to the side. From there, you have to wait until the lights turn and then you can turn right. They can be incredibly confusing and easily make you miss your turn. Even some residents in Melbourne would rather take three left turns to avoid the hook turn. The design of a Hook Turn is due to the way trams operate. It is designed to keep their passage clear.

While we don’t want to alarm anyone, driving in other parts of Melbourne is the same as in most other cities. If you hire a car, it should be fitted with a road toll device. If the car doesn’t have one, you’ll need to remember to call the toll road operator or pay tolls online. The car hire place may not tell you about the toll roads, so it is up to you to check. If you’re using a navigation system to get around, it may warm you if you’re entering a toll road.

Avoiding the stresses of driving around an unfamiliar city is one of the main benefits of using a maxi taxi in Melbourne. We can collect you from any location and drop you off anywhere you’re going. With our maxi cab service, you can fit up to eleven people, with room left for bags or shopping.

Visiting popular shopping centres in Melbourne

Melbourne is home to some fantastic shops, and these are brilliant for visiting and buying anything you need. Souvenirs are one of the most incredible things about being on holiday. Buying local clothing can make you feel like you’re on holiday when you return home!

Taking a day or two to visit some of the best shopping places in Melbourne is an excellent way to unwind and relax. Bus and tram services will take you to popular destinations such as Chadstone, St Kilda, and Bourke Street Mall. But getting back home (or to your hotel) with armfuls of shopping can make the return journey less unpleasant.

When looking at the benefits of using a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne, you’ll see that you can arrange for yourself, your family and a few friends to all hire the one taxi and get everything home safely. You can book our team for the journey there and nominate another time to collect you (and your shopping!) later. Our team is friendly and courteous, and they’ll help you load any shopping and parcels safely into the vehicle.

When you need to be there on time in Melbourne

Melbourne has an extensive rail, tram, and bus network, and all these works together to get people around in a timely fashion. At certain times of the year, there may be upgrades working, and delays can occur. This can make getting to your destination on time challenging if you’re not used to how the system works.

Also, if you need to get to the airport, you’ll find there is no public system operating. It has been pencilled in by the state government ever since the 1980s! There is a current plan – and it’s actually in motion – to open an airport rail link by 2029. You can read more about this project here.

An airport train by 2029 is fantastic for Melbourne residents. But right now, your choices are limited to driving there yourself, getting on the Sky Bus, or hiring a taxi. One of the benefits of using a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne is that you’ll take one vehicle that can fit your entire family. You won’t need to keep to any schedules or be waiting for the pickup in a specific location. We can collect you directly at your home and drop you off at the airport. Our drivers work at all hours, so if your plane gets in at a late time, we can be there waiting for you!

Keeping safe in Melbourne

Melbourne is considered a very safe city; however, often unpleasant people tend to congregate around public transport stations. You’ll find there are police at most stations, and they do an excellent job of keeping people protected. But for a tourist, the tunnels and staircases you can find in some stations can be very confusing and getting lost – and missing your train – is entirely possible.

Hiring our team to get you around safely is one of the benefits of using a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne. Our drivers know which areas are safe, and we can recommend a pickup point to keep you out of any trouble. Melbourne is very safe, but giving yourself an added layer of protection is always a good idea, especially if you’re not used to the area.

Seeing all the sights of Melbourne in comfort

The final consideration for the benefits of using a Maxi Taxi in Melbourne is advising you on the best places to go in Melbourne. Our team is highly knowledgeable about all the famous and secret tourist places in Melbourne. If you’re looking to check out some of the unknown places in Melbourne, then we may have a few suggestions.

Book in with Maxi Cab Melbourne

Booking for our services is easy, as it can be completed online, or you can call our team (0483 027 583), and we’ll get your booking sorted out! All we need to know is how many passengers you have, the collection location, and where you’re headed.

If you’re travelling to the airport to catch a plane, you can let us know the departure time, and we’ll recommend a pickup time. Travelling to Melbourne airport can be busy based on what time you travel, occasionally it is easier to leave a little earlier to make sure you get there in time.

Please book online or call us today for a professional maxi cab service in Melbourne!

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