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Maxi Cabs for Airport Transfers

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Maxi Cabs for Airport Transfers 

Picture this – You land at the Airport. Without waiting for any public transport, a top-tier and comfortable vehicle arrives to board you and when you enter and sit you feel like” Yeah!, that’s a real heaven”. Looking amazing right? Your imagination can only transform into reality by hiring Maxi Cabs. When it comes to moving to the next location, people start preferring maxi cabs. In this blog, we will unveil how Maxi Cabs for Airport Transfers offers you a superior level of comfort and makes your journey – exciting and joyful.

Before We Drive Ahead…

Melbourne Airport is one of the busiest airport in Australia and handles millions of local and international travelers every year. As per the official report presented by Melbourne Airport, more than 30 million travelers used the Airport Four Terminals in the year 2023 with approx. 22.4 million domestic flyers and around 8.3 million international passengers.

These statistics indicate that due to the rising number of people using Melbourne Airport, the demand for maxi cabs or taxi are also booming. Maxi Cabs offers the ultimate comfort and safety, plus there is no worrying about being late, especially when you have to catch the flight on the allotted schedule.

Maxi Cab Melbourne is one of the trusted names offering world-class airport transfer services in and around Melbourne. With highly professional drivers and flawless cabs, there is no chance of missing out on the flight. Whether you are a local or international tourist, we assure you that you will arrive at your next destination in safety and style, ensuring a wonderful and restful travel experience.

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Maxi Cabs V/S Regular Taxi: Which is More Budget-friendly for Airport Transfers?

Maxi cabs are large vehicles that provide spacious comfort for the passengers. These cabs can easily accommodate large groups and families. Moreover, the extra storage capacity of maxi cabs can carry a slight amount of luggage as well, eliminating the need for multiple vehicles and saving your money.

Whereas, regular taxis are small vehicles that create trouble for group travel and raise the chance of hiring more transportation services, leading to higher fares than maxi cabs.

Well, there is a slight difference between the maxi cab and regular taxi fares that are reasonable for both passengers and drivers. But if you want to save more and enjoy a hassle-free ride, then a maxi cab will be a fantastic choice.

A Start-To-Finish Guide To Book Your Maxi Cab For Airport Transfers

If you want to book your maxi cab for hassle-free and extraordinary airport transfer services, then below is a detailed guide for the booking process.

Have a look!

  • Visit the website Maxicab Melbourne.
  • Select the “ Book Now’ option.
  • Enter the necessary details including Name, Phone number, Pickup address, drop address, Time, and Date carefully on the online form that appears on your screen.
  • The passenger can also request a baby seat if there is any requirement.
  • In the last step, click on “ Car type”. You can select any of them that fit your travel requirements and group and then submit your booking.
  • Finally, your maxi cab is booked. The rider will receive a call or email from our team to get the final booking confirmation.

Estimated Fares of Maxi-Cab for Airport Transfers – Maxi Cab Melbourne

Maxi Cab services are renowned for providing exceptional pick-and-drop services for various points in and around Melbourne at different prices.

If travelers want to reserve a maxi cab for airport transfers, then the average fares may go between $75- $90. Whether you are a local passenger or an international tourist, there will be no difference in the fares.

However, these fares also vary on multiple factors that involve distance, time, type of vehicle you selected, additional charges, and much more.

If you want to know more about maxi cabs tours with respective fares, then browse our website, click on “ Taxi Fare Calculator” and check out our maxi cabs & taxi tours with fares.

Why Choose Maxi Cab Melbourne for Contemporary and Smooth Airport Transfers

Maxi Cab Melbourne – “Travelling is A̶n̶n̶o̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ and Exciting” with us.

We, at, Maxi Cab Melbourne is exceptionally popular for offering stress-free airport transfer services for large group and families. Our skilled and professional drivers are local experts who always stay ahead in the game. From vehicle to route, we meticulously planned every detail as per your specific preferences.

Whether you are arriving at Melbourne Airport late at night or going to catch a flight in the early morning, we are just a few tabs away. With our spotless vehicle and trained drivers, we guarantee that you will arrive on time, making your journey restful and wonderful.

From standard taxis to Mercedes vans, the passengers can select any vehicle that matches their group size, ensuring that everyone is traveling together and comfortably.

Not only airport transfers, we also cater to special purposes like corporate transfers, wedding occasions, events, sightseeing tours, and many more.

Don’t be sad about your pocket, because our maxi cab services are pocket-friendly.
Moreover, safe baby seats and wheelchair-accessible taxis are also available if required.

If you are curious to know more about our company and services, then feel free to reach out to us. Below are the contact details

Contact Details

Phone Number: 0483 027 583
Email ID:
Official Address: 151 City Rd, Southbank, Victoria 3006 Melbourne 3000

Frequently Asked Questions About Maxi Cabs for Airport Transfers

Q1: How to book a maxi cab for Airport Transfers?

Ans: To book your maxi cab for airport transfers, browse the website Maxi Cab Melbourne. Select the “ Book Now” tab. Enter the details on the online form and then submit your booking.

You can also send your booking details to or call us at 0483 027 583

Q2: Which is more affordable for airport transfers – A regular taxi or a maxi cab?

Ans: Maxi cabs are large vehicles. It can easily accommodate large groups and families, eliminates the need for multiple vehicles, and saves your money, making it more budget-friendly than regular taxis.

Q3: What are the estimated rates for maxi cabs for airport transfers?

Ans: If travelers want to reserve a maxi cab for airport transfers, then the average fares may go between $75- $90. However, these fares also vary on multiple factors that involve distance, time, type of vehicle you selected, additional charges, and much more.

Q4: Do you provide baby seats in your maxi cab services?

Ans: Yes, we also provide safe and reliable child seats. While booking, the passengers can submit the request for a baby seat if required.