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Maxi Taxis vs. Regular Taxis: Which is Better for Melbourne Travel

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Maxi Taxis vs. Regular Taxis: Which is Better for Melbourne Travel – No matter if you are a local traveler or an international tourist, to explore Melbourne, you have to go for comfortable transportation services. To move from one point to another, passengers mostly start preferring maxi cabs and sometimes choose regular taxis. But in this blog, we will uncover every aspect you need to know about Maxi Taxi Vs. Regular Taxis: Which is Better for Melbourne Travel?

Melbourne is one of the most stunning and largest cities in Australia, which is known for its splendid beaches, world-class infrastructure, modern lifestyle, and smooth transportation services. Not only this, Melbourne also has numerous attractions that invite millions of tourists across the globe. To explore this exquisite land, it’s better to hire a maxi cab. You take the name of Maxi Cab and we are here!

Maxi Cab Melbourne takes pride in offering contemporary pick-and-drop services for local as well as international travelers. All our fleets are in a well-maintained state, undergo regular trials, and can easily accommodate more passengers, ensuring a secure, wonderful, and restful experience on the way to your next destination.

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Maxi Taxis vs. Regular Taxis: Which is Better for Melbourne Travel?

Group Travel

Maxi Taxi also popular as maxi cab is a special kind of vehicle, minivan, or bus that can easily carry more passengers as compared to a regular taxi. Maxi Taxi has a smooth and extra seating capacity that ensures that your group is traveling together.

More Capacity

Usually, a maxi taxi can adjust 11 passengers whereas only 4-5 passengers can fit in a regular taxi. So, if you are traveling with large groups or families, a maxi taxi will be a great pick for you rather than a compact regular taxi.

World Class Feeling

Riding in a regular taxi will not give you a special feeling. On the other side, if you want to experience a luxurious and wonderful journey, then without thinking twice, book maxi taxis.

Budget Friendly

Because of the smaller size, it’s become difficult for regular taxis to carry passengers along with their luggage and they have to hire multiple vehicles, which will naturally lead to higher prices. Whereas maxi taxis are large vehicles that can flawlessly accommodate more passengers with extra storage space for luggage and offer a comfortable feeling, eliminating the need for additional vehicles. In short, a maxi taxi can save your money.

Hassle-free booking

One of the most prominent reasons why maxi taxis are better than regular taxis is their ease of booking. You can easily book a maxi cab with a hassle-free online booking process. Even, the passenger can reserve their maxi cab in advance, to obtain the peace of mind that thier vehicle is secure.


In Melbourne, there are several locations where regular taxi services are not available. So, what will you do in that situation? That’s why it’s advisable to hire a reliable maxi cab service. Just after the moment you submit your booking, your maxi cab will be there to board you at your desired point and make you reach your next location.


Moreover, from small to luxury, the passenger can book any of the vehicles that fit their group size and meet their travel desires for the customized and extraordinary riding feeling. Well, there is no such availability in booking regular taxis.


Before traveling, arriving on time always remains the major concern among the people. Maxi taxi drivers are local experts and follow traffic-free routes, to help you reach your fixed schedule at your desired place. Whereas if you hire regular taxis there will be few chances of your timely arrival on your next point.

Estimated Fares for Hiring Maxi Taxi for Melbourne To Airport Travel

In Melbourne, maxi taxi and regular taxi prices vary on several aspects like time, distance, type of vehicle, additional charges, and many more. However, there is a slighter difference between the fares of the maxi taxis and cabs both are easily coordinated with the budget of the driver and rider.

The estimated fare for hiring a Maxi Cab can range between $55 to $75. It may rise or reduce as per the passenger’s needs.

Why Choose Maxi Cab Melbourne to Hire a Maxi Taxi for Melbourne Travel

Introducing Maxi Cab Melbourne – Crafting the ultimate way to your next destination

We, at, Maxi Cab Melbourne do not just offer a vehicle, but also an exciting and smooth ride. We are a passionate team that focuses on providing premium pick-and-drop services for every kind of passenger. From compact to luxurious, we have an exclusive arrangement of flawless vehicles that allow the passenger to select any vehicle that coordinates with their group size as well as other travel needs.

Our maxi taxi provides extra storage space to accommodate 4-11 passengers with a slight amount of luggage. This means that our maxi cab is equal to multiple taxis.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable journey but also love your pocket, we got you covered! You can hire us at any time from anywhere plus for any purpose like special occasions, Yarra Valley tours, corporate transfers, etc, all our services have budget-friendly prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Maxi Taxis vs. Regular Taxis: Which is Better for Melbourne Travel?

Q1: How can I book a maxi taxi for Melbourne Travel?

Ans: To book your maxi taxi, browse the website Maxi Cab Melbourne. Select the “ Book Now” tab. Fill out the details on the online form and then submit your booking.

Q2: What are the estimated fares for hiring a maxi taxi for Melbourne travel?

Ans; The estimated fare for hiring a Maxi Cab can range between $55 to $75. It may rise or reduce as per the passenger’s needs. To know more about the trips and maxi taxi fares, check out our taxi fare calculator.

Q3: How many passengers can fit in your maxi taxi?

Ans: Our maxi cabs offer extra space than a regular taxi that can easily accommodate 4-11 passengers.

Q4: Do you provide wheelchair-accessible taxis?

Ans: Yes, we also provide safe and reliable wheelchair-accessible taxis for physically challenged or sick passengers, ensuring relaxed comfort during the journey.